Expert Review : Olivier Audouze “Augmented Reality enters advertising in Social Networks”

From Olivier Audouze, Marketing Director, Total Immersion

There are no doubts that Augmented Reality is one of the technologies that will exponentially develop in the years to come. Originally seen as a mere technological showcase or a just a fad, it has now demonstrated its pertinence amongst a vast field of various applications and sectors of activities : Entertainment, Culture, B2B, Events….all of which being part of practices now elected both by the professionals and the general public. Augmented Reality has therefore today embarked on a phase of industrialization; a door opener to new horizons.

In this framework, it is clearly noticeable that Augmented Reality is entering the web and turning towards new worlds such as online advertising and social networks. This trend is grandly supported by the advertisers and the brands. It sets itself within the evolution of web marketing strategies for any companies seeking new effects to optimize their product launches and to generate the Wow effect on the web. The main objective of these new practices is to amaze and to target a site audience as wide as possible through social networks.

We are today experiencing an increasing ramp-up of new initiatives allowing companies to smartly combine online advertising, such as adword, traffic generation through social networks and augmented reality. This concretely creates website traffic and builds an emotional factor between the product and the consumer who is experiencing augmented reality from a personal computer.

Such clever combining of expertise aims towards a clear ROI in terms of visibility. It is a known fact that catching a site visitor’s attention significantly contributes to an increase in time spent surfing different parts of the website. This fact is a strategic element which can largely affect sales or enhance the development of a promotional campaign.

Social networks and online advertising therefore offer an exceptional growth potential to Augmented Reality which itself benefits from the huge success of 3D technologies on a worldwide scale. No longer just an intent, the first integration of augmented reality to online advertising offers and social networks has already taken place :

It appears that this new promotional tool is establishing itself as a must have in the short term. It is noteworthy to mention that by implementing such innovations, online advertising and social networks experts will have the possibility to optimize their business model and to integrate new revenue streams. This is particularly true for social networks that can have certain difficulties monetizing their tool.

Once again, Augmented Reality, is at the heart of a significant rupture in behavioral patterns and is contributing to the emergence of new practices. There is no doubt that initiatives combining online advertising and social networks will soon multiply.

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