Meet and Greet @ IBC Conference Sept 13th Amsterdam

Myles Peyton, EMEA Sales Director, Total Immersion, UK will be present at IBC Conference on Augmented Reality session :  Reality check on AR -is augmented reality a new enabler for rich interactive infotainment content?

More information here.

If it weren’t for 3D stereo then augmented reality would be the buzz word on everybody’s lips this year. Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated imagery.

The AR market for applications and content is reckoned to be worth be $732M by 2014 predicts Juniper Research. But is AR actually a new way of delivering and displaying personalised content and information? If so, is this merely a new channel for searching and finding existing content, or a new creative approach to content production?

This interactive session includes a demonstration of the state of the art augmented and Virtual Reality technologies in the company of a diverse panel of sector experts hosted by Ken Blakeslee, chairman of WebMobility Ventures.

Beginning with the fundamentals of AR from a technical, business and end user perspective this session will place heavy emphasis on the content and applications side of AR and explore monetisation opportunities.

It will be followed by an open discussion on the relevance, timing and impact on the media industry.

The participants will be giving short descriptions of the aspects of Augmented Reality that they are engaged in, followed by short illustrative demos of actual Augmented Reality content and applications they have developed for various clients and brands. The speakers are chosen from a cross section of leading companies delivering AR technology platforms, Digital Marketing Agencies active in AR projects and AR experts analysing the emerging market for AR content and applications.

In addition, Tim Ellis will be describing the results of research into the market dynamics of AR from core technologies to key application areas. He has created an Augmented Reality Market Map (A3 poster) which will be launched at IBC and handed out at this session.

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