Sky Arts – Rankin in Augmented Reality

Pimento Vision was recently commissioned by Sky Arts to create a ground breaking experience that every reader of ‘The Times’ newspaper saw on Saturday 21st August.

World renowned photographer Ian Rankin has produced a series of photographs for Sky Arts that express his own interpretation of the channel’s output; the collection is currently featuring on all types of advertising space around the country.

Readers of the ‘The Times’ newspaper received a set of four prints from Rankin’s Sky Arts collection and were invited to go online to experience a photo gallery like they have never before – in the palm of their own hands!

After running on the Times site for 2 weeks the experience will move over Sky Arts for 12 months after securing the rights to ‘You’ve got the love’ by Candi Staton for that period.

Andrew Smith, Creative Director of Pimento Vision said, “This is one of the first national AR projects aimed at an older and more up market consumer. The experience had to be stylish and engaging whilst those unfamiliar with AR needed an easy to use point of access to experience.

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