Augmented Reality to Promote Tourist Attraction in Amiens, France

Here comes the first city to communicate in Augmented Reality. A bright new looks for the world’s largest Gothic nave …

Amiens Cathedral is taking part in an Augmented Reality operation to re-launch its light show initially created in 1999.

This will not be a traditional virtual visit, such as the ones which can be found on Google Maps; “The whole Cathedral has been modelled day and night in 3D with light shows” explains  Mr. Cédric Piatek, Amiens Metropole . And virtuality will mix with reality.

Each and everyone will be able to connect to an Internet site together with a distributed leaflet or a downloaded document to hold in front of a web cam. “Then the magic will begin, the person will be on screen, part of the show, as the document displayed to the web cam becomes a support for the visit of the Cathedral”.

Interactive Kiosks

By moving the document, it will be possible to discover each and every corners of the Cathedral. “The night mode with its polychromatic effects will be reachable in a simple mouse click”.

And for those who do not have a web cam; three interactive kiosks will be accessible in the city. One of which will be walked around various retail shops.

Amiens will be the first French city to communicate to the general public through Augmented Reality. “This amazing technology aims to encourage mainly children to come back, in a playful way, and those who have already seen the show”. Cédric Piatek is pleased to say. “People will also have the possibility to visit out of their own home and to show parts of the show to their friends”.

The operation has been devised in partnership with Total Immersion, the software provider, World leader in Augmented Reality.

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