The Gadget Show Street Marketing Campaign with Suzi Perry in Manchester

On Monday 12 July the public were invited to interact with Suzi Perry from Five’s The Gadget Show, as the first presenter challenge from the upcoming series went live at Manchester’s busy Piccadilly Gardens bus station. For the first time, Augmented Reality was available on the streets of Manchester.  Suzi was there in person, filming and playing with the technology. A5 cards were distributed at the Augmented Reality poster site, and the public were able to hold their very own ‘virtual Suzi’ in the palm of their hand.

In a bid to engage Manchester with the convergence of technologies such as proximity marketing, social gaming and augmented reality, the campaign built up from around the city, encouraging passers-by to turn on their Bluetooth and tune into tech…

Interactive posters at bus shelters, digital games on poster sites, a Gadget Show ‘studio’ at a bus stop and a giant 2D image of Suzi Perry towering over the city were among the futuristic techniques deployed by Outdoor market leader JCDecaux to turn Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens into a Gadget Show Zone. In a UK first, ‘Augmented Reality’ posters created a ‘virtual’ Suzi Perry, using technology from Total Immersion and Hidden Creative.

Sam Bird, Director of Creative Solutions at JCDecaux said, “Outdoor advertising suits the way we live our lives today – because we spend 53% more time out of home now than we did 14 years ago, commuting for longer and socialising more. As this showcase demonstrates, advances in technology have brought Outdoor closer to the world of “The Minority Report’ with the advent of interactive posters and cutting-edge technology such as ‘Augmented Reality’.”

Matthew Trubow, Marketing Director of Hidden Creative said, “We are delighted to receive this opportunity to work with Five and The Gadget Show as we continue to enhance Hidden’s portfolio within broadcasting and publishing sectors. This has been an exciting project from start to finish and we are pleased to have achieved a polished end result with a fantastic group effort from the people at Five’s The Gadget Show and JCDecaux”.

The campaign was extended with an online feature, so that those who couldn’t make it or wanted to share the experience with others were able to do so. The results of the challenge will be revealed in the first episode of The Gadget Show’s new series on Monday August 2nd 2010.

Source and more pictures here.

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