Total Immersion enhances its D’Fusion® platform with the launch of its new augmented reality Adobe® Flash® module

Innovative Solution Expected to Dramatically Expand Access to AR for Users Worldwide.

Total Immersion, the global leader in augmented reality, announces the launch of its newest solution: D’Fusion® for Adobe® Flash® Player.

This product is the long awaited solution to the increasing demand from online marketing professionals and advertisers who search for easily accessible augmented reality experiences for a wide audience of consumers. Unlike all other prior web-enabled AR solutions, D’Fusion® for Adobe® Flash® Player avoids the need for a specific AR plug-in download, as the new product is built into the latest version of the Flash plug-in itself. Adobe® Flash® Player already reaches 99% of Internet-enabled desktops, making AR experiences ready for use on a much larger scale than before.

The new release of D’Fusion® for Adobe® Flash® Player allows development of applications with Adobe® Flash® ActionScript® language using Marker Less Tracking Lite (MLT) technology. This process uses existing 2D and 3D materials to directly recognize images printed on the packaging or the product itself.  This is an enormous advantage for advertisers as it does not require additional AR specific markers on the material to trigger the experience.

In line with its content protection and ‘brand-image’ securing policy, Total Immersion has developed an innovative security mechanism with this new module, preventing third parties misuse of media.

Bruno Uzzan, CEO of Total Immersion states: “D’Fusion® for Adobe® Flash® Player represents a major step forward in the augmented reality industry. To date, Total Immersion is the only software editor proposing an advanced and secured business solution on Adobe® Flash®. We are proud to announce that significant projects are already in development and will be live in the next coming weeks”.

An online demo is available at:

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