Blog Review : Package Design Magazine U.S. Army Enlists Augmented Reality to Attract, Engage New Recruits

Have a look at this article : Package Design Magazine

G.I. Joe has nothing on the real thing. Especially when the armed forces go reality one better. Taking their recruiting efforts to a new level via two distinct experimental marketing initiatives, the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force have embraced augmented reality, deployed by Total Immersion (, the global leader in AR – solutions that educate and motivate as they engage.
The Army campaign was created by Momentum Worldwide’s Chicago-based team and TimeZoneOne, also of Chicago, while GSD&M Idea City of Austin, Texas developed the Air Force campaign. The U.S. Army’s “Race for Strength Challenge” pits a fully tricked out, Army-sponsored NASCAR vehicle—Ryan Newman’s #39 Army Chevrolet Impala—against the Army’s high-tech fleet, placing potential recruits into the action, via the Web (Army – Race for Strength) and through kiosks installed at select NASCAR events. At the kiosks and online, players can race against MRAP and Stryker armored vehicles, through various (sometimes treacherous) environments. Players control vehicles by means of a card or printout featuring a tracked image and a steering wheel. The game is featured in the billboard promo loop on the homepage.
At the same time, the U.S. Air Force has kicked off “Command Center Alpha,” its newest mobile marketing tour ( Command Center Alpha is an AR mobile tour experience that immerses visitors in the “sci-fi” world of the Air Force. The interactive tour includes 3D computer graphics, videos, educational kiosks, digital downloads and a full-size F-16 Thunderbird display. Visitors use handheld devices, which rely on natural image tracking, enabling them to experience augmented reality in the form of 3D animations and video.
“As many young Americans are not aware of the wide variety of opportunities available to them in the U.S. Army, we found that through an augmented reality experience, we could give them a true taste of the elite technology and training used to develop the Army Strong Soldier and help our client, the U.S. Army, really resonate,” said Chris Weil, Chairman and CEO of Momentum Worldwide. For the latest news about Total Immersion, visit

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