Hidden Creative augments Augmenting The Great Outdoors – With Channel Five, The Gadget Show, T3 Magazine & JCDecaux.

Total Immersion’s partner Hidden Creative has developed an interactive augmented reality experience for Channel Five’s The Gadget Show after the hugely popular AR presentations at the Gadget Show Live at the NEC Birmingham earlier this year. The Gadget Show gives the mass consumer an insight into gadgets and technology, whilst providing substantial information to engage a tech-savvy audience. The result is an accessible future-tech production and it is now in its 13th series on Channel Five.

A recurring theme in the show is a weekly challenge between presenters Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry set around demonstrating new technologies and exploring the success of their applications. Hidden join Suzi’s team for the presenter’s latest challenge in which she is testing traditional outdoor advertising methods in collaboration with JCDecaux, whilst Jason explores online marketing communications and social media engagement.

JCDecaux is a revolutionary advertising corporation, the second largest in its sector. They are the only company specialising exclusively in out-of-home advertising, with a dominant presence in billboards, transport, street furniture and digital. Given that they have 936,000 advertising panels in 55 companies worldwide, 2008 revenue of 2,168.6 million Euros and are responsible for revolutionising the ‘Street Furniture’ concept, they were the ideal partner on this project.

The Gadget show have transformed a Manchester bus shelter in Piccadilly Gardens featuring the Gadget Show’s distinctive red sofa and a large screen which displays Hidden Creative’s augmented experience. The interactive augmentation features Suzi revealing details of the new series and will be activated by A5 cards distributed on site. T3 magazine, another authority in gadgets and new technology, will also be printing an A4 ad containing the marker to trigger the experience online via a webcam at the Channel Five website. http://fwd.five.tv/adv/virtual-suzi,

Next to digital, the outdoor advertising segment has been the most dynamic in recent years, capturing market share from television, radio and newspaper. The adoption of digital technology has drastically driven growth in the outdoor segment, combining the traditional strengths of outdoor with strategically targeted opportunities.

The project aims to prove that whilst online communications and social media are no doubt powerful marketing tools, physical interactions create a memorable impact which stays with the consumer. Augmented reality combines the best characteristics of digital and physical channels, increases interaction and ensures a lasting impression, thus making it the foreseeable solution in developing the growing relationship between outdoor advertising and digital engagement.

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