Ad-Dispatch, Canadian Partner of Total Immersion wowed the crowd at Future Flash Event

Ad-Dispatch, the Canadian partner of Total Immersion, recently took centre stage at the prestigious FutureFlash event in Collingwood, Ontario. Matt Fegan and Jay Aird of Ad-Dispatch literally wowed the crowd of 130+ people, including the top CEOs and creative minds at Canada’s leading agencies. They showed off a variety of D’Fusion-powered augmented reality examples, including interactive car brochures, an eyewear application and a glimpse into the future with mobile AR.

In an unprecedented step, the Ad-Dispatch team took their involvement at FutureFlash one step further by partnering with The Globe & Mail – Canada’s national newspaper and presenting sponsors of the event – to integrate an AR component with their presentation about the diversity of Globe & Mail publications. For the AR feature, Ad-Dispatch used an ad in The Globe & Mail special edition newspaper to prompt a video. The AR was further enhanced with 4 interactive touch points using the images in the ad – representing newspaper, magazine, online and mobile – that showed the video inside a variety of relevant platforms to truly show the diversity of The Globe & Mail’s offering.

“The Globe & Mail presentation was a great way for us to show the potential of how augmented reality can enhance print,” said Jonathan Burns, director of business development at Ad-Dispatch. “It’s a perfect example of how AR can add a new dimension to traditional media and take advertising to a whole new level of consumer interaction.”

The Ad-Dispatch team were invited to present at FutureFlash after their recent success at the Canadian Media Director’s Council live “Dragon’s Den” event.

“FutureFlash was yet another fantastic opportunity for us to further establish ourselves as the leading augmented reality developer in Canada using the power of Total Immersion’s DFusion software,” said Nathan Kroll, President of Ad-Dispatch. “We see these events as a forum for discussions with the creative agencies who we’re working with to dream up new and exciting ways to make augmented reality a truly practical application in Canada and beyond.”

Contagious Magazine, with publications out of New York City and London, worked with the Canadian-based Institute of Communications Agencies to recruit and approve the presenters for the FutureFlash event. Contagious and ICA found Ad-Dispatch’s augmented reality work to be a perfect fit for the theme of the event – Re-Think the Food Chain

“Since the arrival of digital technology, the advertising food chain has become increasingly erratic and disconnected. With the role of the traditional players now blurred beyond recognition, the rules have changed. The big no longer eat the small. Communication is no longer a one-way street. The tactics of yesterday won’t work tomorrow. It’s time to re-think the food chain.”

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