Total Immersion Calls on Industry to Embrace Standards in AR, Unveils AR+ Logo to Provide Clear Identity for AR Solutions

This morning, at ARE2010, the first Augmented Reality Event ( in Santa Clara, California, Total Immersion co-founder and CEO Bruno Uzzan called on the industry to come together around standards in AR. 

An event keynoter, Uzzan described the move toward AR standards as “a collective, participative process” aimed at advancing uniformity and organization in augmented reality.

With that, Uzzan unveiled a new “AR+” logo – a stylized rendering of the letters “AR,” encircled by a border, with a plus sign in the upper right.  The icon is designed to be included on product packaging, and in advertisements, marketing materials and other relevant communications from any company providing AR-enhanced media.  

“With the new AR+ logo, the industry can give consumers, developers, brands, and others a consistent framework for encountering and understanding augmented reality solutions,” Uzzan said.  AR+ logo artwork can be downloaded at no charge, from

“Technology fragmentation is an obstacle to expansion and wide acceptance  of AR,” said Christine Perey, PEREY Research and Consulting.  “Industry leaders need to begin working together to develop protocols and standards, which will be widely accepted. Then, the AR community can grow quickly and become as open and inclusive as the Web is today.”

Citing diverse examples of successful standards initiatives — from ISO 9001 and the World Wide Web Consortium, to the USDA Organic food standards to the MPAA’s movie rating system – Uzzan said the time has come “to identify clearly to our audience when they can benefit from AR.  We have thought long and hard about it and created this symbol, which can be used by every player in every market to reflect this new stream of ‘AR everywhere.’”

He also urged creation of an industry-wide AR Standards Committee, designed to foster consideration of product standards, user experience definitions, and a communications framework.        

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