Meet and Greet at Webinale June 1st “Case Study: Avatar Augmented Reality Experiences with Mattel, Mc Donald, and Coca-Cola”

Come and join Total Immersions COO, Eric Gehl at Webinale Event taking place tomorrow in Berlin. Webinale is a web conference for web design, development, business and new trends in technology.

Eric will animate as session about Avatar Augmented Reality Experiences with Mattel, Mc Donald’s, and Coca-Cola with illustrated cases studies.

The marketing campaign associated with the Avatar movie was tremendous. Total Immersion was involved in the most important cross brand promotion ever in the AR field with major food outlets such as Mc Donald, and Coca-Cola as well as a line of augmented reality action figures with the leading toys manufacturer Mattel. During December 09 till January 2010, product packaging in the U.S. for Big Macs have featured an AR Thrill Card on the side of each box, delivering an up-close experience with the rich environments of Pandora when displayed before a webcam. Total Immersion and Coca-Cola have teamed up to transform the soda can into a stunning platform for augmented reality. Some 140 million Coke Zero cans worldwide have been AR-enabled to “launch” a Samson helicopter when the can is displayed before a webcam, making this campaign one of the largest AR packaging creation to date. The Mattel action figures are bundled with a special plastic card looking like a small remote control. Once this device placed in front of a webcam, the action begins. In addition to the control of the figure user can interact directly through the physical device. Press a button, and the figure takes flight – press another, and the guns begin to fire.

01.06.2010 | 11:15 – 12:15 | Room: Maritim I-BC

More information here

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