Total Immersion welcomes new partner : Imago Interactive

Founded in 2006 by Iohann Sanmartin, Imago Interactive specializes in creative media design, production, and software development for the entertainment industry. The company’s mission is to implement cutting edge technologies to create products that blur the line between the experience and the guest, going beyond the conventional forms of expression.

The  scope of work of the company ranges from fully custom-made, large scale, interactive attractions to iPhone applications, video games and 3D websites. Imago Interactive services diverse business entities, including television, amusement parks, publishing, and mobile devices. Imago Interactive designs and produces projects for clients such as the Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios and Lucas Arts among others.

Throughout 2009, Imago interactive expanded its resources by building a strong network of animation studios and software development firms in South America. These strategic alliances allow the company to offer to its clients a reliable production alternative. Imago Interactive competes in quality and price with companies in Asia, with the added benefit of sharing the same time zone as its clients in the United States (Eastern Time Zone).

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