Meet and Greet @ the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (May 28th)

Augmented Reality: The New World of Visionary Marketing and Entertainment

American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong – May 28th 12:00 – 2:00pm

AR definition: “Augmented reality is a way of mixing digital information and the real world in a highly interactive manner and, though in its infancy, it is already proving to be a breakthrough application for marketing and entertainment.”

Augmented reality (AR) has been in the consumer mainstream for less than a year but now, with the advent of web-based AR, we now have an enormous array of digital marketing applications at our fingertips. Digital marketing is the very visible tip of the iceberg, but below the water line, there’s a vast array of applications—many of them transformative—that are poised for development across printing, toys and other traditional, physical products.

What are today’s most exciting AR projects and how do they use interactivity and graphics to build an immersive, cross-media experience? What challenges do media agencies and consumer product companies face in developing and realizing their visions using AR? Mr. Philippe de Passorio, Head of Asia Pacific, Total Immersion, talks about the company’s work in remixing reality and how it might impact our definition of entertainment and marketing in the future.

For nearly 12 years now, Mr. Philippe De Passorio has been advancing the sales and marketing of innovative AR solutions with undiminished enthusiasm. Boosted by strong sales expertise and with an ever-growing interest in new technologies, he has specialized in the development of untapped markets, especially those in Europe and Asia Pacific. In 2006, when Mr. De Passorio joined Total Immersion, he succeeded in implementing an offensive marketing strategy. He developed a network of international partners and tackled the entertainment, digital marketing and multimedia markets, among others .He is currently committed to managing Total Immersions Asia Pacific team, structuring its product range and conceiving and executing an aggressive marketing and sales program.

Register here.

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