Ad Dispatch wows the crowd at the Canadian Media Directors Council

Ad-Dispatch, Canadian partners of Total Immersion, presented a series of Augmented Reality demos at the Canadian Media Director’s Council annual conference in Toronto, ON on April 8. The presentation was part of CMDC’s live “Dragon’s Den” event before a panel of judges including M2 Universal president Sara Hill, Starcom MediaVest Group Canada CEO Lauren Richards, 58Ninety CEO/partner Ted Boyd and Molson Coors VP marketing assets Judy Davey and a live audience.

Ad-Dispatch’s presentation, given by Director of Operations Matt Fegan and Director of Business Development Jay Aird, generated waves of excitement with several moments of widespread applause breaking out from the approximate 1,000 marketing executives and media directors in the live audience.

“We knew this event would be a great chance to launch Total Immersion’s Augmented Reality technology in Canada,” said Ad-Dispatch President Nathan Kroll. “This was our national coming out party and the response has been phenomenal.”

Lorraine Hughes, president and CEO, OMD Canada and past-president of the CMDC, said the Augmented Reality presentation particularly captivated her attention. “I think that’s really where the future is: that level of interactivity and engagement. While some may view it as a creative application, from the media side, we’re the ones that can drive that type of technology with the media owners and some of the more traditional media formats. The possibilities with that are just amazing.”

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