Total Immersion and Heritage Prod announce Strategic Partnership to Promote Cultural Heritage using Augmented Reality

Total Immersion, worldwide leader in Augmented Reality and Heritage Prod, specialist in the digital promotion of cultural heritage sites, announce their new strategic partnership.

Heritage Prod is an innovative company offering tools and high value services to promote cultural heritage using new technologies.

Heritage Prod regroups six IT companies and relies on the skills and expertise of its shareholders such as, AXYZ and Art Graphique & Patrimoine. AXYZ is expert in developing 3D numerical applications for historical sites (Castels of Chambord and Tiffauges, the city of Nimes…). Art Graphique & Patrimoine is the French leader in architectural restitution and promotion of historical sites and monuments with over 600 projects such as the Ancient Arles Theatre, the Mont Saint Michel, the Pantheon in Paris or the city of Saint Malo.

Eager to rely on latest technological innovations and in order to propose immersive environments, Heritage Prod felt the need to integrate Augmented Reality solutions to their new developments.


Total Immersion was selected for its expertise, its ability to propose an interactive and immersive technology already used by a number of renowned players in the Entertainment Industry. Héritage Prod is already considering a series of projects such as 3D visits of monuments using Augmented Reality.

“Augmented Reality offers a totally innovative perception of historical sites and monuments, in fun and spectacular ways. This technology gives a voice to old stones and master pieces; leading visitors to immerse in history whilst remaining in contact with reality. Our first achievement of mobile Augmented Reality at the Chateau de Vincennes is already a real public success. This partnership with Total Immersion will bring us the benefits of the most advanced technological solutions on the market making them available to the World of Culture.” says Jean Luc RUMEAU – President of Heritage Prod

For Total Immersion, this agreement pragmatically illustrates its strategy to give a range of targets (marketing, theme parks, publishing, culture, etc…) access to an Augmented Reality tool which is easy to use and generates real added value.

Eric Gehl from Total Immersion says: “We are very proud to have been elected by Heritage Prod and to participate to the promotion of our cultural heritage. It is obvious that within the next few years, Augmented Reality technologies will play an important role in the cultural and theme parks sectors”.

About Heritage Prod :
Heritage Prod is an innovative company, expert in the digital promotion of historical heritage. Its ambition is to develop new presentation tools of monument and historical sites in a highly cultural, fun and interactive way.

Heritage Prod regroups complementary competences in the cultural heritage sector (AGP et AXYZ) and specialists in video games, web applications and e-tourism.

Heritage Prod will propose the promotions of prestigious sites and historical monuments using Augmented Reality technologies such as real time 3D and films in 3D.

About Total Immersion:

Total Immersion, software solutions provider, has become in a few years the world leader in Augmented Reality. This innovative technology allows the integration of real time 3D objects into live video streams. With headquarters located in the Paris area since 1999, it has expanded in Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong and has grown a network of over 70 partners delivering its software solutions worldwide.

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