Augmented Experience at the Gadget Show 2010

The NEC opened its doors yesterday for this year’s Gadget Show Live which is now into its second year and Hidden Creative’s newest division ‘Augmented Experience’ are proud to announce that they have been chosen by their partners, Total Immersion, to represent them at this year’s Gadget Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham:

With over 30,000 visitors descending on the 2009 show, the tickets for this year sold out very quickly with more than 50,000 visitors being anticipated. In fact the demand was so high, an additional day was added to the show. Boasting 2000 trade contacts, 250 invited journalists and over 200 exhibitors, this year’s show is definitely not to be missed.

The Total Immersion booth has been placed in the ‘Future Tech Zone’, and according to the Gadget Show Live website ‘The Future Tech Zone at The Gadget Show Live 2010 gives you a personal and interactive glimpse into the future.’

Amongst other things, visitors to this zone will have the opportunity to interact with robotic flying penguins, experience ant-like ‘Formica robots’, play games using only the power of your mind and get up close and personal with a ‘flying car’. Nestled neatly amongst these ‘futuristic and new technologies’ is our old friend augmented reality.  I say old because it has been around for over 20 years and yet the ‘gadget show live’ team have identified it as a futuristic and emerging technology…

There is the argument that this technology was ahead of its time back in the late 80’s and early 90’s and as such was left on the shelf, however it would appear that the time has come and it is ready to be embraced.  The human race has become more and more comfortable with and accepting of the leaps and bounds that have been made in technology over recent years, and augmented reality falls neatly into this category. So sit back and enjoy the enhancements and benefits that AR will inevitably bring to our lives and enjoy the spectacle that is ‘The Gadget Show Live 2010’.

To whet your appetite, we have selected a few of the most interesting new arrivals at this year’s exhibition…

Active Rides are at the forefront of 3 dimensional simulation experiences.  Remaining the most advanced company in their field, they are now utilising 4 dimensional technologies in their simulator rides.  This provides a higher level of interaction stimulating the senses further, including touch and smell, to create real-life experiences relevant to the situations at hand.  These experiences are ever broadening according to the clientele, which has recently included the Ministry of Defence.

Dyal Trading Ltd present the SWAP watch, (Smart Watch and Phone), a new venture in smart technology, converging the utilities of a watch, camera, video, phone, MP3 and MP4 player and Bluetooth into the tiny dimensions of a1.5” colour touch-screen.

Combining all the essential features of today’s smart phones, this device represents the all-foreseeable direction of the future in wearable technology.  Whilst the nature of the product may sound complex in that it combines so many properties, the utilisation is simple: you simply insert your SIM card for instant use.The product’s diversity and compact nature have ensured positive reviews.

Mindflex from Mattel is an innovative game that uses modern technology and converts it into pure fun.  Utilising incredible brain scanning technology, the wireless headset reads your brainwave activity, to navigate a ball around a highly intelligent obstacle course. Concentration allows the ball to rise on a cushion of air and relaxation causes the ball to descend.

Contradictory to the intellectual properties of the product, the concept is simple, with the aim of the game being to navigate the ball around the obstacle course as quickly as possible, with the game being fully customisable to give you enough options to keeping flexing your mind muscles for an eternity.

And of course, Total Immersion and their partners Augmented Experience, augmenting reality when and wherever possible in the Future Tech zone – see you there!

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