Blog Review : Mobile Marketer Augmented reality is next big thing in mobile advertising: CTIA panel

Have a look at this article :  Mobile Marketer

LAS VEGAS – Augmented reality technologies are blending virtual imaging into real-time video captured via mobile phones, resulting in an enhanced reality in which information and entertainment elements are merged with a user’s actual surroundings.

A panel at International CTIA Wireless 2010 this week offered insight on incorporating mobile augmented reality into games, applications, advertising and other mobile sectors and how it will change the way the world is viewed via the mobile phone.


Fellow panelist Bruno Uzzan, CEO of Total Immersion, worked with “Avatar” director James Cameron to create an augmented reality product for consumers.

Mattel released a line of action figures based on the characters from the movie, which Mr. Uzzan claims are the first retail toys to incorporate augmented reality technology.

Each toy included a 3D Web tag, called an i-Tag. When users scanned the tag, it revealed special content related to the film.

“New technology always starts with cool stuff,” Mr. Uzzan said. “We are currently working on some medical applications, which can help a surgeon. Mobility will have a lot of impact in the application.

“Devices and hardware are making a ton of progress,” he said. “I told Mr. Cameron thank you because now every brand is going to be doing augmented reality.

“I think brands are really searching how to change passive consumers into active performers.”

Complete report here.

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