Moscow welcomes Augmented Reality

Press-release 15 March, 2010 – Moscow

Moscow welcomes Augmented Reality

AR Door, an official partner of French augmented reality (AR) developer Total Immersion, is to open in Moscow. Total Immersion is considered to be the leader of augmented reality market through its patented technology D’Fusion.

“AR Door is a team of professionals. We are interested in augmented reality and innovative advertising digital solutions. Our mission is to make the world brighter! AR Door: Open the Door to Augmented Reality» – Denis Ivanov, AR Door Art Director.

What is augmented reality? Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery, like text, links to web pages, pictures, 3D objects, sound, video.  Augmented reality is a futuristic technology. Ideas mentioned by science fiction writers in their books are now available in Russia.

AR Door uses Total Immersions patented D’Fusion technology – 3D-Markerless. This technology allows us to transform two-dimensional images into three-dimensional ones. Range of application: games, printed output, mobile phones applications, web-applications, presentations, promo-kiosks.

AR Door uses GPS-based technology as well. This technology combines a real-world environment with a virtual one by using GPS coordinates.  Through the mobile phone camera the reality is augmented by some content. For example, one can find the way to a certain place, like a restaurant, click on the link leading to its web page, watch the pictures, call, send an SMS or an E-mail.

Contact information:

AR Door
Irina Kharseeva,

PR Manager
+7 903 517 47 24

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