Meet and Greet @ Mobile 2.0 Event in Paris (March 9th)

Total Immersion will be present on this event to speak about Augmented Reality and Mobile. If you plan to attend this event, please contact us !

16:50 (50 minutes) Augmented Reality, what for?
Moderator: Jerome Bouteiller

For its 4th edition, ‘Le Mobile 2.0’ provides an incomparable opportunity to discover the latest fashions, best practices and mobile applications at the heart of your business: Mobile payments, Traffic generation, Increased Reality, Mobile Marketing Campaign, iPhone applications, Social Networks…

10 Conferences to position the mobile in your Digital strategy:
– Forrester analysis of the European market and emerging countries.
– Localisation – a big winner for mobile applications?
– Zoom on the best of mobile payments.
– Media experiences with Mobiles.
– The best practical uses and mobile design.
– Store and Web applications – is there a difference?
– Increased reality – what for?

A morning of Mobile Marketing!
Mobile Marketing opportunities today and tomorrow…
How to mount a Mobile Marketing Campaign.
Zoom on the best school cases.

More information here.

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