Japan’s Digital Advertising To Offer Augmented Reality Ads

Japanese online advertisement planning company Digital Advertising Consortium Inc. has partnered with the French company Total Immersion to market advertising based on that company’s software technology for so-called augmented reality.

The technology fuses real video images with computer-generated images. For example, if a person stands in front of a PC equipped with a webcam so they can see themselves in a monitor and holds up a an object such as a card printed with a special code, the Total Immersion software will recognize the code and generate the corresponding 3-D image.

If the printing on a card codes for the image of a toy figure, the person looking in the monitor will see himself holding the toy figure in his hand. The image on screen moves in response to movements of the actual card, meaning the process can be used to operate virtual objects.

Digital Advertising will use Total Immersion’s software to create marketing materials for exhibitions and other events, and it will also sell the software itself.

In addition to advertising, the company will also promote the technology for gaming on computers and cell phones, taking advantage of webcams and phone cameras, and for a broad range of other applications.

One possibility is the use of augmented reality in the medical field to practice techniques.

About DAC
Founded in Tokyo in 1996, Digital Advertising Consortium, Inc. (DAC) is a leading interactive ad agency and network focused on three main services: Media, Operations and Technology.  The company represents Japan’s major websites including Yahoo! Japan, MSN, Goo, Infoseek, AOL, Nikkei Newspaper, Japan TV, Tokyo Broadcasting and many more, as well as Japan’s leading advertising agencies.  The company offers a wide range of services including the buying and selling of online ad space; planning, operations and consulting for online advertising, promotion and public relations; research on the effectiveness of online advertising; and research and development of online advertising technology and services.  In addition, DAC’s AD-Visor NEXT online media planning system is the de-facto industry standard for media ad campaign planning in Japan, and its iPS-X ad-serving solution is used by more than 300 Japanese publishers. For more information about DAC, visit http://en.dac.co.jp.

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