Meet us @ Tech&Trend Series : Creative High-Impact Ideasn a Print Environment (Feb 18. NYC)

Come and meet us at Tech&Trend Series : Creative High-Impact Ideas. If you plan to attend this meeting please contact us !


Creative High-Impact Ideas in a Print Environment Panel discussion
moderated by Bob Sacks

What’s next and what’s new? Join P3and Idealliance as Bob Sacks leads a lively and compelling panel discussion of the latest high-impact creative solutions and industry trends that are out of the box and unique. It’s all about innovation during this time of dramatic changes in our industry. We’ll hear from representatives from six forward-looking companies:

Americhip, will explore audio, video, light and paper dimensional pop ups
Augme Mobile will present the latest mobile marketing technologies
Foster Printing Services will highlight advances in variable-data printing and PURLs
Intelligencer Printing will spotlight special effects print techniques for traditional print
Total Immersion will present advances in Augmented Reality technology
Vacumet will spotlight unique substrate options

Wine and Cheese Reception


Bob Sacks (moderator)
Bob Sacks is a columnist and lecturer who regularly electrifies the media and marketing industry with the good and bad news about what he calls “El-CID” or Electronically Coordinated Information Distribution.  Bob’s firm, Precision Media Group, does private consulting and publishes “Heard on the Web: Media Intelligence”, a daily e-newsletter that delivers pertinent industry news to a diverse, worldwide, publishing community of over 11,750 media industry leaders. It is the longest running e-newsletter in the world.

David Apple
Managing Director, Augme Mobile
David joined AUGME Marketing Technologies with over 10 years of multi-media sales and marketing strategy experience.  David is passionate about changing the dynamics of Mobile Marketing, and leads all day-to-day operations of Augme Mobile. Prior to AUGME Marketing Technologies, David served in entrepreneurial leadership functions and as Vice President of Business Development for a global interactive advertising agency.  David also led the development of multi-media sales packages for major advertisers serving over 30 national markets at a major television network in New York City.

Joe Formosa
Business Manager, Vacumet
Joe has been working in holographic and optical special effects media for over 20 years. Early work at Polaroid included special holographic elements for automotive, electronics and military applications.  Recent work has focused on decorative packaging, collectible publications and promotions.  With a background in Chemistry and experience in Optical Science, Joe is proficient in various visual effects (metallized substrates, multi-channel holograms, 3-Dimensional image technology, lenticular screens).

Kevin Franz
Vice President of Sales,
Intelligencer Printing
Kevin Franz has worked for Intelligencer Printing for 20 years. Intelligencer is one of the country’s oldest and most respected commercial printers.  Kevin began his career at Intelligencer as a sales representative.  For the past seven years he has served as Vice President of Sales – NY Region, managing a professional regional sales force.  His experience has ranged from formulation of strategic marketing direction to implementation of print and direct marketing campaigns.

Max Polisar
Vice President, Sales, Total Immersion

Max leads Total Immersion’s strategic partnerships in North America.  Max combines his comprehensive knowledge on emerging media disciplines and marketing communication to consult brands and agencies on how best to incorporate Augmented Reality tactics into their integrated marketing programs.  Prior to joining Total Immersion, Max directed the strategic partnership efforts for web development and mobile marketing projects at WhittmanHart Interactive and Buongiorno Mobile Marketing Services respectively.

Bob Shaud
Regional Sales Manager, Americhip

Bob joined Americhip in January 2001 when he helped establish the New York office. Over the past 9 years Bob has worked with Americhip’s clients across various industries to create print campaigns incorporating Americhip’s multi-sensory print technologies of audio, video, light and paper dimensional pop ups.   Prior to joining Americhip, Bob worked in Sales and Marketing with several Sports Marketing firms and with The Food Network.   Bob is a 1990 graduate of Villanova University with a degree in Communications.

Gene Toepfer
Director of Sales, Foster Printing Service, Inc.

Starting as a Designer & Illustrator, then Art Director, then Advertising and Marketing Manager, Gene was a buyer of printed communications and understands the needs of buyers. He then moved to the printer / supply side of the industry working in sales, team sales, and sales management & marketing. Gene has also presented sales seminars around the country including PIA & NAPL events, hearing current challenges and imparting tried and effective solutions. Gene has degrees in Marketing and in Business Administration and is a Kellogg School, certified Graphic Arts Marketing Executive.

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