Video Review : video test of Hallmark’s Augmented Reality Greeting Cards

On the next Kerri Pomarolli “Laugh Break” web show, Kerri is going to be giving away a selection of these cool cards that just came out from Hallmark on January 12th!

Watch this video of Kerri testing 2 of the different cards with her daughter, Lucy who is 2 yrs old. Lucy loves them and so does Kerri – she’s always been a fan of Hallmark and hoopsandyoyo.

You can go to the Hallmark website and print a sample to try out with your webcam right now! Click here and follow the directions to view the 3D animated feature when you hold the card up to your webcam. It is so 2020! Kids love it and Kerri will tell you how to win a selection of them from her Live Web Show on Tuesday at 4 PM ET on MomTV.

Check out the New Hallmark Augmented Reality Cards that you use with your webcam.

The augmented reality enhancements in webcam greetings are unique to the greeting card industry. Ten cards currently are available for Valentines Day and, as the year progresses, the company will roll out additional webcam greetings. Most webcam greetings retail for $2.99. Some webcam greetings include a sound clip that plays when the recipient opens the card (clip is audible without going online). These cards retail for $5.99. All webcam greetings are available wherever Hallmark cards are sold.

3 Responses

  1. You need to see the 3D animated birthday cards that actually play on your TV – DP and his friends. These do not require a PC or a webcam just a regular TV.

    Google DP and his friends to find out more. You can even see how they are made on Youtube –

    Augmented reality is fine if you have a PC but most people I know don’t want the complication of downloading software. They just want to buy a card, write in it and send. With DP and his friends the cool Disney like animation of the cute pet character singing your little birthday kid “happy birthday” ,can be viewed on a regular TV – Really cool for the kids and simple for the mom.

  2. Doesn’t work. I got one for Christmas and installed the software and turned on my web cam. Tried it over 20 times holding the card 12″ from the webcam and nothing happened. I know I did it right as i re-read the instructions over and over. Total rip off of $2.95

    • Hello Garence,
      Very sorry to hear of your bad experience.
      There is a link to Hallmark customer service at the following page.
      There is also a FAQ that provides some troubleshooting tips also for the augmented reality cards.
      I tried the downloadable app with a sample document but I wasn’t able to reproduce your description. However, I work for Total Immersion, the technology provider and not Hallmark itself.
      I hope this can be of help.
      Best wishes for the holidays.

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