Blog Review : Augmented Reality is First Ecommerce Trend for 2010 in Flixmedia

Please have a look at this article : netimperative

Flixmedia, the online retail specialists, are predicting 5 key innovations will transform the business of ecommerce in 2010.

Scott Lester, Chief Executive of, believes the new decade marks a turning point for an industry that needs to innovate to grow: “We’ve got to a point in online retail now where most consumers are comfortable with the experience of buying online – sales have grown 11% year on year. But the ecommerce experience they’re offered is very far from perfect, and sales are being lost every day because of this. Some parts of the online shopping journey haven’t changed in 10 years – for example, hundreds of potential purchases are lost every day because of customers abandoning their carts before checkout, because the checkout experience still isn’t simple and compelling enough. Real progress still needs to be made.”

According to Lester, the key innovations that online retailers should be looking at in 2010 are:

1. Augmented reality

Augmented reality – the overlaying of digital images, video and information onto real world content – is set to infiltrate every aspect of our lives in 2010, with ecommerce one of the major growth areas. More

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