Blog Review : Cisco Virtual Environments : Avatar Pushes Augmented Reality

Please have a look at this article : Cisco Virtual Environments

The new James Cameron movie, Avatar, is a next generation film that truly blurs the line between animation and reality.   Add to that mix the elements of new 3D technology, and you see why Cameron waited for the technology to catch up to his vision of the planet world Pandora.   

The movie is not only pushing the boundaries of progressive movie making, but the marketing effort associated with the movie is tremendous.   The movie has a full array of cross brand promotions with major food outlets, as well as a line of augmented reality action figures.   

These action figures are not the ones you might remember, in fact, they are nothing like you have seen before.  These actions figures look deceiving at first, as they seem similar to a small remote control.   However, once the devices are placed in front of a webcam, the action begins.   In addition to the control of the figure that we have seen in other AR demos, this goes further by adding controls directly on the physical device.   Press a button, and the figure takes flight; press another, and the guns begin to fire. 


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