Coca-Cola Zero™ Announces Global Film Partnership With James Cameron’s Avatar

The Coca-Cola Company today announced its Coca-Cola Zero brand has partnered with Twentieth Century Fox on a major global promotional campaign for James Cameron’s epic-adventure film AVATAR.
Set to be activated in over 30 countries, the partnership centers on bringing consumers unique access to exclusive and authentic content from the world of AVATAR in a variety of exciting ways.

Chip York, Worldwide Entertainment Marketing Director, The Coca-Cola Company, said: “AVATAR shares the same aspirational, edgy and unconventional brand values as Coca-Cola Zero. Working so closely with the studio and filmmakers has allowed us to create authentic and exclusive content that provides fans’ unique access into the world, deepening their AVATAR experience.”

Digital –

In an effort to provide consumers with the most compelling information about the movie, the digital team at Coca-Cola Zero collaborated directly with studio and filmmakers to create, a must-visit destination for AVATAR fans. The site will feature regular “live” journalist reports from the moon of Pandora, providing fans exclusive views and insights into this spectacular world.
Stafford Green, Group Director, Interactive for The Coca-Cola Company said: “Accessing is one of the best ways to prepare to go and see AVATAR. Through our partnership with the studio and filmmakers, Coke Zero makes it possible to delve deep into this exciting film before you get to the movie theater.”
Visitors to will be able to access exclusive AVATAR imagery, wallpapers, games and applications as well as regularly updated, real-time AVATAR news.
AVATAR Producer Jon Landau explains: “AVATAR will provide a unique immersive experience for moviegoers, and this promotion with Coca-Cola Zero will bring fans even deeper into the amazing world of Pandora and James Cameron’s vision.”

TV Commercial

In a second exclusive coup, the Coca-Cola Zero team has collaborated with Twentieth Century Fox to create a TV commercial and cinema spot, featuring footage and promoting the brand’s partnership with AVATAR.

The spot shows a young man unwinding at the end of the day in front of his computer. He takes a drink of Coke Zero from a special AVATAR branded pack. The motion of the pack stimulates the webcam into action. Focusing in on the AVTR mark, the webcam unlocks an incredible, immersive movie experience. In a flash, he is transported to the world of Pandora, which comes alive in footage from the movie. The experience intensifies as an arrow, shot from the hands of the movie’s main character, flies out from the computer, past the ear of the guy and into the wall behind him. As he walks over to investigate, another arrow flies through, narrowly missing him. Pinned against the wall, his experience is suddenly interrupted as his flatmate enters the apartment. The scene closes “It’s Possible. Coca-Cola Zero. Real Coca-Cola Taste. Zero Sugar.”
The commercial launched globally in cinema in the US on October 31st and on TV on November 14th.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experience

Special AR enabled Coke Zero packaging featuring the AVTR mark will provide consumers with an immersive AVATAR related experience. Through the use of AR technology – a web based application that enables the user to interact with 3D motion graphics – Coke Zero consumers will be able to maneuver a Samson helicopter, a vehicle featured in the movie.

Users can unlock the AR experience in a number of ways including holding a promotional pack in front of a webcam, accessing the experience at or taking a picture of the AVTR mark or Coca-Cola Zero logo from some camera phones.

Once unlocked, consumers can use a computer keyboard to trigger different actions including; shooting a missile, maneuvering the rotors of the helicopter and shooting its guns. will include a call-to-action telling the visitor to use one of the activating symbols against their webcam to initiate the experience.

2 Responses

  1. […] blood, like they do in Japan. Total Immersion created Avatar related AR apps for McDonalds and Coke. Wallpaper magazine fancies an AR edition. And another week, another car gets an AR campaign […]

  2. I really like the Avatar 3D film, especially the story line, not only it brings a totally new feelings but eye opening ideas of humanity. I heard the New Avatar 2 is comming soon, can’t wait to see it again…!

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