Total Immersion Puts Augmented Reality At The Forefront Of Entertainment With New Interactive Walk Through Experience

Total Immersion has confirmed its position as leader in the field of augmented reality through the launch of new kind of interactive attraction using mobility and augmented reality. This new attraction developed in cooperation with Hanwa Co. (Japan) is a state of the art walk through where guests are swept in an experience merging videogame and real live adventure.

Before entering in the attraction, guests are equipped with a backpack and a video gun (with an infrared camera, one LCD display and a trigger). Guests have to use the video gun to progress inside the horror house and find ghosts. As soon as the ghost is found, guests have to shoot it to collect point and succeed their mission. Augmented Reality permits to have very impressive scenario like a videogame for this kind of attraction. Guests are totally free of movements inside the ghost house.

“We’re demonstrating the magical ability of augmented reality to capture visitors’ attention and imagination,” said Bruno Uzzan, CEO, Total Immersion. “Guests experience real time interaction with augmented reality content — and are pulled into real life videogame, dynamically.”

This new kind of attraction has been especially developed for Family Entertainment Centres, Shopping Mall and Pay per Ride Parks. This new concept benefits of a high marketable price and revisit rates especially with teens and gamers audience. Hanwa Co. provides turn key project including design and hardware supply and Total Immersion develops Augmented Reality Software.

Photo credit : Hanwa/Total Immersion

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