Total Immersion Enables Band Performances Live in Your Home via Augmented Reality Packaging

LONDON, November 20 – Total Immersion, global leaders in augmented reality (AR) marketing are helping to give music purchases a new edge with their latest campaign for Universal Music TV/All Around The World artists N-Dubz. The project is Total Immersion’s first campaign for the music industry as AR starts to take off as the cutting-edge consumer experience-based marketing tool.

Platinum-selling group N-Dubz’ forthcoming album ‘Against All Odds’ out on November 16, on Universal Music TV/All Around the World features an augmented reality performance by the band, triggered from data embedded within the album artwork. When held in front of a home webcam, the artwork shows 3-D images of the band chatting to the viewer before giving an impromptu performance of the hit new single ‘I Need You’, all within the palm of their hand.

Consumers can turn the sleeve artwork around to view the band from alternative angles. The band members move as fluidly as they would if they were physically standing on the piece of paper being held.

Total Immersion UK sales director, Myles Peyton, says: “Augmented reality is really starting to take off as a marketing platform. Modern consumers are constantly seeking the latest brand experience and we believe the application of our groundbreaking technology within the marketing of a music CD will help to breathe a new lease of life into the physical music sales format.”

Buu-Kim Hoang-Le, Head of Digital & eCommerce, Universal Music TV, said: “We are always looking at innovative ways for our bands to engage with music fans. ‘Against All Odds’ is one of the most anticipated albums of the year, and we wanted fans to have a greater interactive experience with the album alongside the music.

“N-Dubz have a close relationship with their fans, and the fans play a huge part in their success. The augmented reality experience takes this further and brings fans a unique one-to-one experience with N-Dubz
live and interactive in their homes.”

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