Blog Review : Buzzstudy : How do you feel about Augmented Reality ?

Please have a look at this article : Buzzstudy


The question stands: How do we feel about these star-trek-like nodes of information overlays? Social Radar tells us this:

ar sentiment

Since the beginning of July, a whopping 87% of posts, comments, and chatter around augmented reality has been positive. Notice that only a mere 2% of people are conflicted in their opinions. So can we assume that this will be the wave of the near future?

ar sentiment trend

Perhaps. Looking at the sentiment trend graph, positive volume has been on a steady incline overall. Note that the hump in negativity that came mid September was brought on due to an announcement of an AR release by Nokia, that did not bode so well amongst consumers. Next we’ll take a look at actual feelings and overall concerns.

ar feelings


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