Digital Marketing : JWT International and Lemonade Animation launched Russia’s 1st Augmented Reality Campaign powered by Total Immersion

JWT International launched the first augmented reality campaign in Russia, for telecoms provider MTS, on:

“We believe this will be a first in Russia, almost certainly a first within the telco market and youth market.”

Each in a series of 4 MTS “Red Energy” advertisements has a hidden, invisible component. When held in front of a webcam, a 3D-character appears and interacts with the visuals seen in the print-ad. A special feature is that this application does not use any special markers in the advertisement.

Producer Avinash Changa of Lemonade Animation states that: “By combining 3D-animation and Augmented Reality-technology, you can create a powerful and immersive user-experience. We can now do this without adding any black-and-white “markers” to the image, which is usually the case. The creatives at JWT International did not need to make any creative compromises during their campaign-development.”

These print-advertisments can be found in various Russian magazines, such as Maxim and Cosmo, and the advertisements can be printed from the campaign’s website as well.

Special Note: Award-winning Dutch hip-hop artist “Brainpower” has provided one of the music-tracks for this augmented reality application.

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