Press Release : Topps Team Up With Total Immersion to Launch Football’s First 3D Stickers

Licensed collectables publisher Topps Europe Ltd (Topps) has teamed up with Total Immersion to create the world’s first range of 3D football stickers for the German Bundesliga.

Due to be launched this month, Topps 3D Live stickers use augmented reality to give football fans the chance to see their favourite players come to life, make them play special moves and even score goals in a new free kick game on Topps’ Bundesliga website.


The Bundesliga 2009/10 series features 416 collector stickers, with five special Topps 3D Live stickers. To use the interactive animation technology, fans log on to the website and select the player on the sticker. Once the programme has started, users simply place the sticker under their web cam and the player comes to life. Each footballer can be rotated around and their movements controlled with a single key stroke.

“The Bundesliga 3D Live stickers follow on from the huge success we’ve had with similar projects for the American Baseball League and the All Blacks in New Zealand,” Philippe de Passorio, VP Sales & Marketing of Total Immersion, explains.


“Topps’ 3D Live stickers have taken sports trading cards to a whole new level and made them even more desirable. This is great news for kids, fans and collectors of the Bundesliga who can now get to see, interact, and even score goals with their favourite football players,” he adds.

To accompany the Bundesliga 2009/10 series, Topps have created a special collector album with an augmented reality front cover, as well as a series of augmented reality posters, which are believed to be the first of their kind in the world.

Rod Pearson, Marketing Manager at Topps, comments: “We have a long history of publishing highly successful collections and this new technology adds a very exciting new element for collectors.”

“As an industry, we are seeing a greater convergence between retail and online product offerings that capture a new generation of internet savvy kids, and Bundesliga 3D Live taps in to childrens’ ever growing interest in the internet and new technology,” he said.

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  1. Hello there! Thanks a bunch for this!

  2. 3D football stickers great idea thanks for the article

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