Publishing : Opus Media unveils “Opus Reality” to support the release of “The Official Michael Jackson Opus”

Opus Media unveils first AR experience with Michael Jackson to announce the release of “The official Michael Jackson Opus”.


This is a taste of Opus Reality™, which allows you to view and interact with media in a new way.

The Opus comes with a unique card, giving you access to the full Michael Jackson Opus Reality™ experience.

The Official Michael Jackson Opus is the only new licensed book that is endorsed and approved by the Michael Jackson estate and marks the first publication to be marketed and sold exclusively by Ticketmaster. The Opus features a moving 400+ page definitive photographic record of the man and his music — including new, never-before-seen contents.

Accompanying this definitive anthology is an epic collection of stories, essays and comments from some of the most well-known names in the entertainment industry. Each page in the Opus will measure 13″ wide x 18″ high, will be hand bound in leather and packaged in an elegant silk clamshell case and weighs an astonishing 38 pounds.

More information on official website.

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