New project: Avatar Movie Obsessed With Making Unreal Real

James Cameron has waited more than 14 years to get his latest creation, AVATAR, into theaters. The director of Terminator, Alien, and The Abyss, Cameron is no stranger to science fiction, and the recent Comic Con previews in San Diego revealed that Cameron has spared no expense in creating the next scifi epic that will redefine the movie-making process. AVATAR utilized a new technique to merge recorded and synthetic images, allowing Cameron to alter and edit a blend of the two in real-time. The results? AVATAR is a mind-blowing 3-D experience of a futuristic war on a distant alien planet, full of lush environments and unparalleled special effects.

Cameron’s new filming technique works something like a video game. In traditional CGI scenes, motion capture is used on actors, and the images are blended into synthetic environments in post-production. In AVATAR, Cameron uses a virtual camera to explore how characters look in the environment as they are being filmed. In other words, the director can see and manipulate the final product while he is still shooting the movie. Cameron isn’t just aiming for the next billion dollar grossing movie, he’s also out to set a standard for how digitalized movies will be recorded.


Of course, blending recorded and synthetic environments in real-time isn’t a completely new concept. Augmented Reality from Total Immersion has done similar work for baseball cards, business presentations, and advertisements. In fact, AVATAR and Total Immersion are teaming up for an interactive movie marketing campaign, similar to the online AR demonstrations for the latest Star Trek movie. AVATAR  is certainly the first full-length feature film to use this technology during main production, post-production, and advertising.

AVATAR is likely to be another great step into the next stage of movie-evolution. Not only will it have an incredible alien world for audiences to experience, it will forever change how directors use digital animation.  By giving directors another tool to help create more realistic digital scenes, James Cameron has edged us closer to science fiction that seems completely real. Whether or not AVATAR is ultimately a success though, Cameron’s changes to the industry will likely be titanic.

Photo James Cameron

James Cameron

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  1. Avatar (2009) movie was a action packed movie lot of faction too included In the movie and it was more interest on fans all ready I heard of this movie and go ahead to see the movie trailer because every time after a good trailer we have a fair knowledge of what we going to experience in the movie this movie trailer was high quality and I like it so much

  2. Avatar is not a movie! It’s an event! It belongs in Disney World or something!

  3. I liked it too, and I have written several questions about the movie and posted the blog here entitled Profound Questions about Avatar the Movie: Tell me what you think! 🙂

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