Total Immersion with AugmentedReality&Co have developed first Augmented Reality Packaging for Teh Celup Sosro of Indonesia

JAKARTA (July 8th, 2009) –  Sosro Project

Sipping the cup of tea, and watching the beauty of Indonesia while holding it at your hand.


 Total Immersion (, the global leader in augmented reality, together with Augmented Reality &Co, certified Value Added Reseller in Indonesia, announced today the first augmented packaging, with its patented D’Fusion® markerless technology, in Asia. It is part of PT Gunung Slamat’s innovative approach of communicating its new packaging of Teh Celup Sosro, and Sosro Heritage.

 The AR experience create 3D images of tea lifestyles and popular tourist destinations of Indonesia into the curious hands of Tea lovers.                     


The demonstration adds a new dimension of introducing the beautiful Indonesia, courtesy of augmented reality, a technology that integrates 3D graphics into a live video stream – and provides stunning 360-degree views.

When customers present the pack of any size before a web camera at their home computer, the monitor screen captures a 3D image of tea lifestyles (for Teh Celup Sosro) or different tourist destinations (i.e.: Bunaken sea, Borobudur temple, and Kecak Dance for Sosro Heritage) emerging from the pack, accompanied by music., and allowing the customer to control the view by moving the pack to rotate in a 360 degree arc.                       

This impactful project brings new brand experience, yet educational and informative; An exciting way to spark curiosity for broader audience to come and visit Indonesia.                   

About Total Immersion

Total Immersion ( is the global leader in augmented reality.  Through its patented D’FusionÒ technology, Total Immersion blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world by integrating real time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream.  Founded in 1999 by Bruno Uzzan and Valentin Lefevre, Total Immersion is based in France and maintains a U.S. presence in Los Angeles.  Its solutions are also available through a network of resellers worldwide.  


About Augmented Reality &Co

AugmentedReality &Co. ( is the proud partner of Total Immersion in Indonesia, delivering creative and innovative brand experiences using AR technology, giving the choice of cross promoting the brands via multiple platforms. AugmentedReality&Co. is part of WIR Group (


About Sosro

Being one of the subsidiaries of a holding company, namely PT ANGGADA PUTRA REKSO MULIA (Rekso Group) PT. Gunung Slamat was founded by Sosrodjojo family in 1940. During that period, the aromatic tea is traditionally packed and known as Teh Cap Botol. Aside from the aromatic tea, PT Gunung Slamat started manufacturing as well both black tea and green tea in teabags and loose tea packs. It comes in various packaging under different brands, one of them is Teh Celup Sosro.

To provide high quality product, PT Gunung Slamat extracts the finest raw material from its own four plantations. On the other hand, the jasmine and gambir (Jasminum officinale) variants come from a producer in a plantation in Pantura. The production process is a combination of highly skilled workers and state-of-the-art technology.

Generating consistent high quality product, PT Gunung Slamat adheres to continuous strict quality control. Due to this, PT Gunung Slamat garnered a number of quality certificates, such as: HALAL certificate from MUI; HACCP certificate from McDonald’s; WSI (Worldwide Supplier Identification) & WRIN (Worldwide Raw Item Number) from McDonald’s.

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