Total Immersion bring ‘space age’ marketing to the UK

GLOBAL leaders in augmented reality, Total Immersion, are taking the marketing world by storm after kick-starting their UK operation with a series of groundbreaking launch campaigns.

The software company, which specialises in blurring the real and virtual worlds to create new consumer experiences,  has been working with several big brand names since opening in the UK three months ago and has just unveiled its latest campaign to promote the launch of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.


The experience, which uses face-tracking software to superimpose Optimus Prime’s helmet on to user’s heads, is the second movie launch for Total Immersion following its work with London-based creative marketing agency Picture Production Company (PPC) to create one of the first ever augmented reality (AR) movie marketing campaigns,, earlier this year.


The five-minute long 3D experience was developed for Paramount Pictures International to promote Star Trek, bringing a computer generated model of the Starship Enterprise to life in the palm of the user’s hand, allowing them to test the ship’s weapon systems, impulse engines and warp drives in real-time.

Dan Light, Head of Interactive at Picture Production Company, said: “We are always looking for new ways to engage with movie fans; however, augmented reality has exceeded all our expectations; it has allowed us to take fan interaction to a new level, creating an engaging movie marketing experience that has never been seen before.”

Other groundbreaking projects for Total Immersion include the opening of the UK’s first augmented reality exhibition this week at Nokia’s flagship Regent Street store in London to launch the new N97.  The pioneering exhibition features six N97 shaped kiosks, each displaying a different augmented reality experience to showcase the phone’s new features.

Total Immersion UK sales director, Myles Peyton, explains:  “Augmented reality is really starting to take off in the UK and revolutionise the way that firms market themselves,” Myles explains.  “As well as projects for Paramount Pictures International and Nokia, we are already in talks with several other global brands, as well as international celebrities, about the new technology.

“As a marketing tool, augmented reality is extremely powerful, not only in terms of creating compelling new brand experiences, but also in terms of its undeniable ‘wow factor’,” he said.

“Consumers nowadays are extremely technology savvy and companies which are using the newest innovations, such as AR, are really starting to stand out,” Myles adds.

“Although Total Immersion is still in its infancy in the UK, in France and the US, we are already working in a number of other different markets, from exhibitions and trade shows, to museums and tourist attractions,” he said.  “We have also developed a number of applications for company presentations, as well as for retail, publishing and consumer products.”

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